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5 Best mechanical keyboards for gaming

Looking for a good mechanical gaming keyboard for your gaming setup? There are so many mechanical gaming keyboards to choose from but you will have to go through various online marketplaces and shops to decide which mechanical keyboard is better suitable for your gaming needs? That’s where we come in.

We have selected 5 of the best value for money mechanical gaming keyboards for every gamers need. Just go through the below guide to know which are the 5 best mechanical keyboards for gaming to choose from?

PC gaming is a conclusively an expensive thing, but you can change it to some extent if you wish to do so. It’s absolutely possible to work according to a strict budget and at the same time form a proper gaming setup that’ll give an immense pleasure and hundreds of amazing gaming hours with remarkable efficiency.

Gaming is not at all possible without proper equipment and gadgets, of which the most important one is the keyboard. The basic mechanical keyboards are one of a kind and exclusively made for the purpose of typing, gaming and swiftly moving the keys with leisure and get your work done in time. 

We all are very well aware that the mechanical keyboards are very costly as compared to other standard design keyboards in the market, but as per their cost they do deliver a tremendous design and also stand a level up as compared to the standard keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards give an edge to the user if he/she is in gaming/typing/internet-surfing. Mechanical Keyboards are the perfect product if you’re into any type of work which requires your attention and usage of keyboard for more than a while on the computer. If one has chosen or worked on a mechanical keyboard ever, he/she will never tend to choose any other keyboard than that because it delivers absolute performance and increases the productivity of the work.

Mechanical keyboards do cost a bit more but they also last very long. If you are a gamer or a programmer, content writer who spends most of the time typing then getting a mechanical keyboard is the right decision.

One can spend a fortune to dig in for a good keyboard, but you don’t have to do because we get the work done for you by simply displaying you all the possible options at your screen without any hesitation providing you with the best and relevant information about the device and recommending you nothing less than the best fit for your purpose.

Best mechanical keyboards for gaming

Here we are with a budget less than 100 and the best keyboards you can get within that budget:


Havit Wired RGB Keyboard

Havit Cheap mechanical keyboard

Cheap mechanical keyboard for gaming under £50 with Multiple Backlight Modes

Why to buy Havit Keyboard
All-in-all, it is a really sophisticated gaming keyboard with a really reasonable price. The switches aren’t Cherry MX, but they’re still mechanical and I bet you’d have a hard time telling them apart.
  • Brightness and light-changing speed are adjustable
  • Detachable Ergonomic Wrist Rest 
9.5Expert Score
Havit Wired Keyboard review

Cheapest and value for money mechanical keyboard

  • Mechanical Switches
  • Laser chiseled keys
  • LED Backlight
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Detachable Ergonomic Wrist Rest 
  • Nothing to worry about

The Havit Wired  RGB keyboard is a strong and robust mechanical gaming keyboard which is equipped with all the amazing features along with full 105 keys for complete precision. Havit’s RGB keyboard features a “sleek” blue switch which will give you the audible sound you might be looking for, just like Cherry MX Blue. It is a wired keyboard with a single color backlight having a report rate of 1ms. 

Its dimensions are 13.9” x 5” x .88” (LxWxH).One major bonus with the KB-390L is how sleek and concise it is. It weighs only 520g and under an inch thick, this board fits practically anywhere.

Havit Gaming Keyboard Specification

Keyboard Specifications:
Layout: UK Layout, 104 Keys
Dimensions: 433 * 124.5 * 35mm
Cable length: 1.5m
Key Life: 50,000,000 times Mouse Specifications:

Rosewill Wired RGB Keyboard

Top rated mechanical keyboard for gaming under 100 for PC, Laptop, and Mac. Must have keyboard for gamers.
Why to buy it?
Undoubtedly it is a keyboard which has been built with gaming in mind. If you’re an active gamer I’d definitely recommend you to go for it without thinking a single more second.

The Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is fairly basic as far as RGB lighting and extra macro keys are concerned, it does utilize Cherry MX mechanical switches.

9Expert Score
Rosewill Wired Keyboard review

Cheapest and value for money mechanical keyboard

  • Editor's choice mechanical keyboard
  • Cherry MX mechanical switches
  • Comfortable
  • N-key rollover
  • Strong metal structure
  • Ergonomically better
  • High set keys
  • Lifetime of up to 50 Million Clicks
  • SImple design<br>

Undoubtedly it is a keyboard which has been built with gaming in mind. If you’re an active gamer I’d definitely recommend you to go for it without thinking a single more second. It is loaded with some of the far advanced features and amazing idea behind those function keys which help you in gaming and keep your work go easy in hand.

With the help of this keyboard the user is able to disable the windows key directly from the keyboard, also it has an insane rollover limit, laser printed keys, and the design is made from metal – to withstand rage sessions which you might feel while gaming. Remember what I said, built with gaming in mind!

It has 1 ms report rate and 6ft wired keyboard weighing 1.6 pounds.

It offers you choice of Blue, Brown, Black or Red Cherry MX switches, the metal frame and remarkable functionality makes the Rosewill RK-9000V2 a keyboard you shoulddefinitely go for.

Check Price

3. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard

Best Esports Dust and Spill Resistant Gaming Keyboard under £100

 Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Missing the Razer products? Here ends your wait. Black Widow is one of the best mechanical keyboards and also the ultimate product of Razor. One can never go wrong with the Razor products as the quality of products it delivers is exactly up to the mark and as per the needs of the users.

It has 1 ms response time with gaming mode enabler tab which helps user to experience better gaming and greater efficiency. It has a 10 key roll-over with dimensions of 18.5 x 7.2 x 1.5 inches. It weighs a little higher at 3.4 pounds

 The BlackWidow Ultimate features are its self designed plentiful mechanical switches based on the Cherry MX switches and seem a lot similar. These switches are definitely nice to type with and game on credits to the great level of responsiveness and effectiveness of the keys.

It is also equipped with a USB port and audio jacks into the side of the keyboard which enables the user to experience thrilling sound quality.

If you’re searching for a high-quality mechanical keyboard with extra programmable keys and RGB lighting, the BlackWidow Ultimate is what you’re looking for. 


  • Mechanical
  • Good response
  • Laser carved keys
  • Strong cable
  • USB + audio jacks 
  • Plus 5  programmable keys(additional)


  • Heavy Keyboard

4. Logitech G910 Orion  mechanical keyboard for gaming

Best budget mechanical gaming keyboard. Top selling full size tactile keyboard for high quality gaming under 100 dollars for windows pc.

Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit

The Logitech G910 Orion is the all-in-all the best gaming keyboard for under 100 dollars. It is equipped with amazing features like your choice of Cherry MX Brown, or Red switches and certain customization with the light under the switches which will blow your mind and enhance your key handling skills. It delivers 1ms report rate and weighs 2.6 pounds which is not much with respect to the mechanical keyboards. It has 24-key rollover with the dimensions of 17.5 x 6 x 1.4 inches (LxWxH).  

It comes with a sleek and compact design also you can customize the function keys with dedicated macro keys using the Logitech Gaming Software. The adjustable backlighting is an interesting feature if you’re concerned about missing certain keys in a game. You can customize the backlight on certain keys to be brighter or dimmer than others, so you’ll never miss an important spell again!

Overall, the G910 is a relatively new gaming keyboard whose efficiency is also attested by numerous reviewers and long-time gamers. It delivers immense performance and enhances the gaming experience to a much greater extent. It utilizes Cherry MX switches, and deliveres a more minimalist look.


  • Cherry MX mechanical switches (red)
  • Good response
  • Programmable function keys
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Control your music as well as your gaming straight from your keyboard


  • Single backlight color (white)
  • Works only on Logitech Gaming Software

5. Corsair K63: Wireless and Wired mechanical keyboard

Premium Editor’s Choice ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz gaming-optimized mechanical keyboard for gaming.

Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to technology or electrical components, Corsair is a name you can trust. Corsair delivers one of the best quality products in the market and also as per the need of the user so that no one goes with empty hands.

The K63 has Cherry MX Red switches and a ten keyless layout for a compact gaming keyboard with a superb feel. It also has a 1ms report rate with a full key rollover. It weighs around 2.4 pounds and its dimensions are 15.5 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches (LxWxH).  Each key has an individual red LED backlight; you also get built-in dedicated media controls and 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover. And don’t forget the Windows key lock


  • Ten keyless layout
  • Specifically gaming only
  • Great Value for money
  • Extra functional keys


  • Single backlight(red)

If you have any suggestions about best mechanical keyboards for gaming please feel free to list it in the comments. All in all, the above recommended gaming keyboards are very well built and are also good enough for competitive gaming.

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